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What you, we, did to straighten my little finger is huge - I can  hammer again with my right hand, thank you.

- Carl

I’d met Victoria Fabling at my local coffee shop, though I only knew her socially. In the spring of 2010 I was stricken with Guillain barre syndrome, Pneumonia, Malnutrition, Ulcer and Dehydration,.."en masse"(doc’s were wagering against). Victoria jumped in and, without asking was visiting often, bringing foods, illness related written information, and left in my charge a precious tool of her trade... a "Healing crystal". I do not discount the help of the medical professionals but, I believe this charming woman, her presence, and tools of the trade were integral to my recovery. I would recommend Miss Fabling to any and all. She’s a professional and effective. Thank you Victoria.

All my respect
Greg P. Brown
April, 2011

Have the sores on my back cleared up?" (Orvil)

"Yes, completely." (Victoria)

"Well I followed your advice and haven't had milk since you told me I was lactose intolerant, and I feel great!" (Orvil)

"You look great, your legs aren't swollen anymore either." (Victoria)

March 30th, 2011

This is a testimonial outlining the rapid recovery of our pet dog Bonnie after Victoria's unannounced visit to our house after a healing meeting in Richmond one summers evening.
It was a week day evening when Victoria knocked on the door having made her way straight to Bonnie from the healing meeting in Richmond. She came in with her forearms held up not unlike a surgeon recently scrubbed up for an operation. She asked where Bonnie was and I pointed to the front room and then proceeded back to the kitchen where I was preparing the evening meal.  Victoria called out from the hall about ten minutes later saying she would 'see me tomorrow' and I thought no more about the visit.
Victoria and I at the time were work colleagues and I had told her about Bonnie's accident 3 or 4 weeks before this where she sustained injuries to her leg having been knocked down by a car on the main road while I was out walking with her. She had been taken to the emergency vet straight after who gave her strong pain relief and thereafter the following morning we went to the surgery where the leg was put in a plaster cast supported by a hooped prop to prevent her from bending it. X rays of her leg on our weekly visits to the surgery were not showing any bone formation and there was talk on the fourth visit of amputating the leg. It was at this juncture that Victoria visited our house unannounced to perform what I can only describe now as 'a miracle'.  Thereafter we went back to the surgery for her progress report on the latest X rays taken and these presented as what the vet described 'as a complete recovery' where the tibia had completely healed with no sign of any wasting etc. The plaster and hoop were duly unravelled and she was free again to walk on it and build up the muscle tissue. All I can say at this juncture is that Victoria gave us back our beloved dog and enabled her to romp again with Bennie the retriever on their countless adventures they had together on our family days out.
Look forward to hearing from you keep well and be happy
- Catherine xxxx

There is something I have constantly wondered about, but keep forgetting to ask you when I see you.
The day I dropped off the books, I told you about Flo's recent hip problem. The very day after, she started to improve. A day later she had made what seemed to be a 'miraculous' recovery. She has continued to improve to the extent that when we go to our regular Friday Round Dance in Peachland, she now is able to do about 85% of the dances during any evening. That had been about 25% before that hip problem began, and absolutely zero after her hip acted up.
My question is: Were you involved in the 'recovery'?
Chuck. (The answer is "yes", I focused on healing as I tinted their windows.)

Your stories – especially “Just Be It” and “When God Left Town”. 2006 was truly a year of testing and growth for you wasn’t it? You have an amazing gift to be able to self-analyze and extract from your life’s adventures the Truth of who you are and then to communicate that Truth to others in the form of stories which convey your message in a subtle, yet powerful way. Thank you.

- Terrence

hey just wanted to send some gratitude for the work we did. lovin the
Everything seems to be a reflection of loving ourselves......... it is the
ultimate realization........!
I hope you find connection with the gulf islands and your gifts...... I
believe you will be well-received there.
sending love , praises and blessings

- Lisa

Thank you so much Victoria I have every confidence that I will go forward in health and peace from now on. .... Thank you for putting the treatment into perspective with my beliefs. God Bless.

- Anne

I have had ringing in my ears ever since I was involved in a vehicle collision. I was given $1,500 compensation to find something to take this away, and nothing did. When you worked on my ears for the tinnitus, I have had relief now (from the ringing in the ears) for 4 days and I am just so grateful."

- Orvil, Westbank March 2008

"Thank you - for your patience, compassion and understanding in 2007. Your caring gentle ways and touch never failed to draw the stress, anxiety or turmoil from me! You truly are a goddess and healer! For 2008 - I wish for you peace, happiness and abundance. PS Soar with the angels!"

- Gordon, Peachland January 2008

"Ringing to say thank you, I feel much better this morning."

- Daniel, Kelowna, January 2008

"... I believe the engergy flows from you Victoria. I know it usually has an amazing effect on me ... I literally feel it flowing into and as you know occasionally right through my body. And I'm sure your energy has a powerful effect on all and everything around you. Congratulations on being recognized and selected!"

- Bob W

"Just a note to say how much I enjoyed our last session. I noticed that after I left you most of the heaviness of the day had lifted. Also, the next morning, my voice was several octaves lower which lasted for most of the day. Looking forward to the next visit."

- Alex

January 7, 2007

Testimonial for Victoria Fabling, Holistic Consultant

I sought out Victoria’s professional help as an Energy Healer after a chance meeting. I have met and worked with many healers over the years but was impressed by the way in which Victoria presented herself. She was open and absent of excessive ego – she didn’t try to impress me  with her “special powers”.

I had a healing session with Victoria on October 23, 2006, to help with career decision-making. For the last 18 years I have been confused, afraid and in resistance to my chosen career path, and although I had received help for it in the past, I was still at my wits end.  The guided visualization /meditation that Victoria led me in was beautiful and powerful. Victoria knew virtually nothing about me, yet she touched on many truths about my personality and past that left me feeling deeply understood, even though I had know idea how this all could relate to career decision-making.

I drove home feeling quite “underwhelmed” by the whole session. As I later told Victoria, I wasn’t sure whether this was the most subtly profound healing that I had ever experienced, or a complete waste of time. The one thing I did know was that I felt completely at peace about my career and my current job. It had been months since I had felt this way.  So I decided to see how long the feeling of peace would last, and observe any other changes that might happen.

For the next 5 weeks I found myself daily returning to the guided visualization Victoria had led me on, and gaining an increasingly strong sense of comfort and power from it. I was also enjoying my work more, and although I still didn’t have a clue which direction to take my career in, I never found myself returning to a state of worry over it. It was easy to stay present.

At the end of November, I met with my former boss, who is also a good friend. When we started talking about her work, and she suggested that I really should be doing what she is doing – well, everything fell into place.
Of course!  I had known this all along!! I’ve just been afraid to go in that direction – afraid of rejection and mostly of not being good enough, smart enough, educated enough, - you get the picture.

My wall of resistance had started to crumble.

Now it’s the new year and I am beginning to take the steps necessary to fulfilling my new career goals. I still have some fears, but my attitude has changed drastically. I have a clearer vision for myself of what my next position will look like, of how exciting and fulfilling it will be and of how well I will be paid. I’m even open to doing some professional development, and that’s a big step. Every day, as I take action on my path, I feel stronger, more capable, more joyful and more powerful. If you knew just what a procrastinator I have been in the past, and how strong my mental resistance was, you would know that this new sense of trust is a huge step for me.

Although I saw Victoria with the expectation of gaining assistance with career direction, I found that I had no attachment to the outcome.   I didn’t know what the connection was between the visualization she did and how it was going to affect my career decision-making. I just knew I had to trust and pay attention. I’m glad I did that.

Many thanks for your all your help, Victoria! I have told many people about you, and plan to tell many more about your healing gifts.

Most sincerely,


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My Credentials

*Fully qualified Graphologist (Handwriting Analyst) and Founder Member of the British Academy of Graphology as of 1987

*Fully qualified Healer as of 1995 with the NFSH now known as The Healing Trust; this included two years’ practicum and monitored self-development

*Emotional Therapy training

*EFT Levels 1 and 2

*Writing and healing are both gifts also:  my vocabulary contained “Olde English” as a baby and when we visited old mansions known to have resident ghosts I would describe these and where, in particular, they liked to hang out.

*Founder Member of The Healing Arts Association of the Okanagan

*Real results, some of which are posted on these pages, exactly how I received them.

*Published author in two publications with other world-renowned experts on the topic of Manifestation – see Books and Adventures in Manifesting.

*Most reliable of all these is your experience of my work – if you are guided to try my services, please go ahead and make contact.

I guarantee you won’t be disappointed

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