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Hi Victoria,

Victoria removed the bad energy from the place I had moved into. I could not sense this, but she said that she guided 83 trapped souls into light, which had unknowingly been trapped here. Victoria might seem "different", but that's only because her awareness is beyond our 5 senses. Nevertheless, she is a joyous human being and a beautiful soul.


Hello Victoria

I'm sending mail as it may be too late in the day to call.

My Hemotologist, Dr. Ramadan, just called. He received results from the blood test I had this morning - I go weekly.

My platelets ARE NORMAL. The count dropped from 900 to just under 400. He suggested I keep on as I have been doing (no flying, etc) but to decrease my medication to 1 capsule a day. He will continue to monitor my progress.

Needless to say, I am overwhelmed.

I plan to drive to Nanaimo on Sunday to visit my friend and would be delighted to meet with you = say Nanaimo, Nanoose Bay or Qualicum. I hope you are available. Perhaps we can also have another session?

With sincere gratitude and best wishes to you,

Thanks Victoria for suggesting I meet with you today.

You have a unique energy that is intense mixed with sincere humility. You have a lot going on in your mind. We both require a quieting of the energy without becoming reclusive. Everyone has their own unique gift. Your gift is one of sharing and bringing understanding to others so they can get back on their track to learn and move forward in their journey through this life and beyond.

Each one no matter the species needs a helping hand. We each want to feel the goodness of others and to be appreciated and respected.

It's tough and harsh yet beautiful and peaceful in this dimension. Those experiences are difficult to balance. No one entity has an answer but together through mutual respect we can endeavour to comprehend and keep our spirits moving forward with a reflection to the past.


To whom it may concern:

I have known Victoria Fabling for two years and in this time Nurse Next Door clients have often requested her because she is cheerful, dependable and tends to get more done in the allotted time than most other caregivers/homemakers. She is reliable and always puts in that extra effort.

I appreciated having Victoria on my staff and would hire her again.

Best Regards,
Lily Robertson, CD
Nurse Next Door North Island

Thank you for the time and effort you took to share your message to me and the masses about Speaking Universal. I will try it. Also since I have seen you for a healing last summer, I am sure you balanced my brain in the process. I am just feeling so much more firm in my footing and my feelings. Also since you introduced Mother Mary into my healing I include her in my prayers and when I do, the top of my head vibrates. I will take this next step you have demonstrated in the video.

I will also pass your email to my friends. I still talk about you and what you did for me.

Zel Hopson

Thankyou VIctoria,Your a guiding lite and a kindred spirit,the woman in the brown dress.prosperity for you always Patricia

On Feb 2, 2016, at 1:00 PM, Victoria Fabling wrote:

Spirit Warning

I often introduce myself as a writer of inspirational stories, and in so doing, met a man called John two decades ago now who was carrying around this story ready to give to someone who could share it. I felt this was a good time to share because I am currently witnessing a lot of spirits, some seeking to be helpful and some who just gate-crash into in Mary’s home where I am a room-mate/care-aide.

Here is John’s story:

In 1957, when I was nineteen, I immigrated to Australia and spent nearly three years there. I fondly remember the incredible beauty of the land and its wildlife, as well as the miles of beaches with waves crashing onto the shore. I also had a personal encounter with Ava Gardner who was filming The Beach, about a nuclear disaster.

I lodged in many boarding houses during my working /travelling time, moving on when an extra few dollars would allow me a couple of months away with my Ariel square four machine. In one boarding house I met a fellow who invited me to a gathering with his ‘friends.’ I agreed and we left Melbourne to go to a little hamlet in his car. Upon arrival in this dingy-looking place with a bar I felt warned and uneasy. Something told me to get out of there immediately.

I remember making an excuse about retrieving some cigarettes from my friend’s car and, as if someone was guiding me, I proceeded to walk across the parking lot and head towards the railroad station. I knew many freight trains went through there. I was the only person on the dimly-lit platform, and as if this was planned, a train approached within minutes. I lifted my arm to hitch a ride. At first I felt that the train would not stop, but after the many box cars had gone by, to my joy the brakes were applied, the last caboose or brakeman’s car stopped and the friendly occupant invited me to ride with him back to Melbourne. Until today I feel I was saved from harm by my guiding spirit.

This is one of John’s stories. I have another of his to share next week.

If you have a story you would like to see in print, please do contact me and I will do my best to make sure your inspiration leaves a lasting legacy.

I am sending this via email too, so if you are receiving the email and it comes as a pleasant surprise to you, please consider going to my website and sign up to receive a weekly story which will come automatically to you. This service is free and is more time-efficient than sending separate stories to friends on the off-chance that you will like a particular one. You can unsubscribe at any time, and or invite your friends to sign up as well.

Even though I have moved, you can reach me just the same via email, Skype (Victoria Fabling Fabling) and the same phone number 250 927 1892.

Thanks and happy February,
Victoria Fabling
2nd February 2016

Hi Victoria,

It was a pleasure coming to see you and hear your speech. And thank you for writing such a beautiful new book. I love it. I read it the whole book last night, and once again, I love it !! I will re-read many times I am sure. Oh, the story you shared about the family tortoise, was touching, and also the story about the Hedgehogs!

I am learning so much to help me on my life journey, all from this one little book. I thank you, for that. I found yesterday in the store to be fun!

Sandra Macdonald

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"Victoria! Thank you for whatever you did with my back (organs embedded in her spine) – after our session I jumped on my bike and rode to see my Honey in Nelson. We had a fantastic time."
- Frankie, August 2011

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